Ted Werth

Ted Werth is an entrepreneur and business consultant, providing guidance on early stage growth strategies to a wide variety of startup companies.

Ted is currently a partner in and advisor to:

MyndVR - the leading provider of therapeutic virtual reality experiences for older adults

Is It Funny Or Offensive? - a fast-growing media company that explores comedy and social issues

Original Sin Hard Cider - one of the leading independent hard cider companies in the US

Ted was previously the Co-Founder and CEO of Tengrade, a tech startup based in Los Angeles that cut through the clutter of fake reviews to provide users with real opinions from their friends and people like them.

Ted was also the co-founder of Digital Club Network (DCN), a pioneering music company that broadcast nightly concerts from a network of 50 live music venues throughout North America. DCN also released over 20 live concert albums from artists ranging from Ralph Stanley to John Legend before being acquired by Dimensional Associates in 2003 and merging with eMusic in 2004.

Prior to DCN, Ted was the co-founder of Web Partners Studio, creator of two popular and groundbreaking websites - Total New York (one of the first webzines and online city guides) and Adaweb (one of the first new media art collaboratives) - as well as The Primary Group, a boutique web production and consulting shop. Both Total New York and Adaweb were acquired by AOL's Digital City in 1997, while The Primary Group was later acquired by Agency.com.

Ted is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, where he was Chairman of the academic honors society (Joseph Wharton Scholars) and co-founder of the school's undergraduate Senior Society (The Lantern Society). Ted is an installation artist, guitarist, and active participant in the DISORIENT art collective. He is also Chairman of Create:Fixate, a non-profit organization that supports emerging artists through mixed media exhibitions and provides art education to at-risk youth.

To inquire about any current or past injenius project, or for more information on consulting services, please contact Ted.